100% Organic

We made it our mission to offer the best organic and fair trade sheets on the market, but also to deliver all this in a unique purchase experience, at accessible prices.

Organic Cotton is grown sustainably without the use of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, sewage sludge, irradiation or genetic engineering. Instead of these toxic chemicals, organic farmers use beneficial insects, crop rotation, compost, cover crops and weed by hand or machine in order to build soil quality, enhance biodiversity and protect the air and water on which we depend.

With organic cotton bedding you help create environments for the home that allow the body’s defense systems a chance to relax and properly rest. In the end we try to eat healthy and do more sports, so why not improve the way we sleep?



Fair Trade Certified

We’ve all heard about the the problems of the fast fashion industry has because of the materials and the conditions in those garments are made. All our products are made of fabrics that are certified to the most stringent set of standards for organic cloth (GOTS), and are manufactured in an Indian factory that is end-to-end Fair Trade and 100% GOTS certified using eco-friendly, non-toxic dyes and meeting certain social criterias such as: no child labor, fair pay, and clean safe working environments.

Your purchase supports farmers in cotton communities from India who promote environmental stewardship and help mend ethnic and cultural conflict. From farm to factory to fabric and lastly, to the comfort of your bed, you can rest peacefully knowing that every step of the process was taken thoughtfully, respectfully and above all, organically.

For us this will surely lead to a better, more peaceful sleep.